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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses. This style of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures. This style is beneficial for the mind and body - the flow of movement strengthens, stretches and re-energizes the body and the synchronized breath relaxes the mind. This is not a beginner yoga class, however all are welcome and modifications are offered. Space is limited and preregistration is required for all classes.  

Beginner Yoga

This class is for a true beginner of yoga.  We move slowly through different basic poses and mobility practices. Modifications are offered for varying levels. The use of props are available for the ease and comfort throught the class.  Each class includes gentle stretches, yoga poses, balance practice and movement to encourage mobility.  Leaving your body feeling better than when you walked in.  Space is limited and preregistration is required for all classes.  

Beginner Yoga w/QiGong

    The practice of yoga and qigong have infinite amount of physical and mental benefits. When used together, we can get in tune with the energy at play in our bodies. By using movement, breath, and focus of the mind, we create a harmony in the body that can be used to heal ourselves from the inside out. These practices aim to clear stagnant and stuck qi or energy and fill it with fresh qi that clears and flushes out every organ and system in the body. Join a class and see for yourself. 

Yoga Class
Flexi Flow

Improve your flexibility & range of motion. This class has dynamic stretching to gain full range of motion, & a combination of yin-style holds to open your body even deeper. We will also work on tapping into intuitive movement to tune into your body and feel which areas need the most attention.

Fun at Yoga
Power Yoga

Encouraging a focus on breath, this yoga practice promotes upper and lower body strength, balance and flexibility. You will strengthen every major muscle group and also your mental composure.

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