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Vinyasa yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses. This style of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures. This style is beneficial for the mind and body - the flow of movement strengthens, stretches and re-energizes the body and the synchronized breath relaxes the mind.


Yoga of the joints! Yin yoga consists of all floor postures with the use of props that are held for 3-5 minutes. These postures are held at a certain level and length so that the connective tissues are stretched and lengthened-Increasing flexibility. Yin Yoga is helpful in balancing the meridians of the body by way of holding postures - improving organ function, increasing overall wellness and relaxing our nervous system by providing an amazing sense of calmness.

Beginner Yoga w/QiGong



The practice of yoga and qigong have infinite amount of physical and mental benefits. When used together, we can get in tune with the energy at play in our bodies. By using movement, breath, and focus of the mind, we create a harmony in the body that can be used to heal ourselves from the inside out. These practices aim to clear stagnant and stuck qi or energy and fill it with fresh qi that clears and flushes out every organ and system in the body. Join a class and see for yourself. 


Awaken your primal nature, and ground deep into the present moment.
Primal flow blends traditional Vinyasa with Buti® Yoga techniques and philosophy to create the perfectly balanced practice of movement and stillness for the Mind, Body, & Soul!
Primal Flow uses a formula for sequencing with creativity while maintaining structural integrity. This format works with anatomical principles to bring dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement to life!


A dynamic vinyasa flow that will incorporate flowing from pose to pose, connecting breath to movement. You'll find yourself holding specific postures for deep stretch or muscle strengthening, and finding movement in other postures to improve mobility.  Class will end with a 5-10 minute final relaxation to allow your body to absorb all the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the practice. This class is the perfect mix of fast, slow, gentle and challenging! All levels welcome.

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