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Stand  Up Paddle Board Classes

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This Stand Up Paddle class will introduce you to the sport of SUP - covering water safety, proper stance/positions, paddle technique and more.  Our instructor will provide you with the fundamentals of SUP to keep your future paddling endeavours fun and safe! You will need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim.  You do not need to have prior paddling experience to take this class.  


Private Beginner SUP Lessons: $50 for 1 hour

Group Beginner SUP Classes: $45 (Limit of 6 people)


$45, 60 minute class

This class combines the amazing ancient practice of Yoga and the fun and free sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  Practicing on the water can take the Yoga experience to an all new harmonizing and enjoyable level. Both the practice of Yoga and SUP are known to create better balance, coordination, endurance and full body strength. 


Gentle Flow: Find peace and restoration with this Yin style flow on the water as you balance the mind and body through meditation, breathing techniques, and asanas.  Holding gentle postures for longer periods to slowly release tension, free the joints, cleanse the body and discover balance amongst the waves. This tranquil class culminates blissful relaxation on your board and leaves you feeling free and calm!

Energizing River Flow:  Develop a calm and steady increase in coordination and body strength with a Vinyasa Flow on the paddle board.  We will move through a series of sun salutations and vinyasa style flow of postures adapted and modified for balancing on the board.  The harmonizing connection of the water, board, body and breath will be sure to energize the mind, body and soul!


$35, 40 minute class, available by appt

This fitness class takes your wellness journey outside and on the water.  Expect a fun total body workout that includes a blend cardio, strength, balance and stretching. The SUP Beginner Lesson is recommended prior to these classes but is not required!  Must be comfortable on water and able to swim. Join us in taking your fitness class to the next level.


*By appointment or specialty group class Kinzua Dam or other locations


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