Beginner Yoga

Looking to start a yoga practice? This class is for you! Join us for this one hour slow flow beginners yoga class.
We will slowly flow from pose to pose while learning proper alignment in this vinyasa style yoga class. Several modifications for each pose will be offered to allow for any level of practice.
Also great if you have had a home practice and would like to check in with your alignment of different postures.
Mondays @ 5pm

Yin Yoga

Yoga of the joints! Yin yoga consists of all floor postures with the use of props that are held for 3-5 minutes. These postures are held at a certain level and length so that the connective tissues are stretched and lengthened-Increasing flexibility. Yin Yoga is helpful in balancing the meridians of the body by way of holding postures - improving organ function, increasing overall wellness and relaxing our nervous system by providing an amazing sense of calmness.
Wednesdays @ 5pm

Vinyasa Slow Flow

Join us as we discover our breath and get in tune with our bodies. We'll move and flow from pose to pose finding strength and gently stretching the body. Modifications offered through out for poses making it accessible to all levels.
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Fitness Yoga

60 minute yoga class. We will start slowly warming all the muscles of the body, then we will pick up the pace flowing from pose to pose in a vinyasa/power flow that will include strengthening movements and cardio bursts to get the heart rate up. We will cool down holding postures and finding a deep stretch especially in hips , shoulders and chest. Class ends with a 5 minutes final relaxation.
Mondays @ 6:30pm
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Primal Flow

Awaken your primal nature, and ground deep into the present moment.
Primal flow blends traditional Vinyasa with Buti® Yoga techniques and philosophy to create the perfectly balanced practice of movement and stillness for the Mind, Body, & Soul!
Primal Flow uses a formula for sequencing with creativity while maintaining structural integrity. This format works with anatomical principles to bring dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement to life!
Thursdays @ 4:30pm & Saturdays @ 8:15am

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is an interplay of body, mind and energy. Within the physical body, there is a subtle flow of rhythmic, energy pulsations that we call prana, or life force. Even the most insignificant thought can disturb or block this flow of energy, creating imbalance or even disease. Kripalu yoga incorporates prana flows that bring us back to our body and encourages acceptance and overall well-being.
Thursdays 10:30am